Digital Family Summit WordPress Workshop sponsored the Digital Family Summit in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend and asked me and three of my coworkers to represent the company. They also asked us to lead a WordPress Workshop, so Velda, Alx, and Jennifer helped me make the workshop happen. It appears the kids had a great time:

Fantastic Family Time

I go on a lot of business trips and this was a rare opportunity for my family to participate. They had such a good time meeting the kids of my coworkers. This picture does nothing to show the relationships they developed with each other, but I think you can tell they were having a good time:


WordPress Workshop

We had a nice crowd for the workshop and got through all the basics: creating an account and a new blog on, posts, pages, themes, menus, and widgets.

I think next time I do this I might include a brainstorming session about blogging ideas and inspiration. These kids were so smart and ready to go that I think we could have done some serious work on their blogs and helped them find direction for continuing to blog after they go home from the conference.

Digital Doctors

All four of us participated in the Digital Doctors Session, but I only got shots of Alx and me.

A bit more fun:

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