Forgotten Posts: Crosses on a Wall

I have a number of draft posts that have as yet gone unpublished. In an attempt to clear those out, here’s one I started writing a couple years ago. We were at a New Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque and they have the loveliest wall of crosses adorning a wall just behind the table we were sitting…

WordPress in Albuquerque

We had a great WordPress meetup last night all about our favorite plugins and even some plugins created by local folks. My friend Jamii (who also hosted the event at her coworking space) put a nice writeup about it on her blog. There’s not surprisingly, a lot of  great WordPress work happening in my town.

More Than a Half Marathon

We did our long walk yesterday. tl;dr it was great!!!!!! No mishaps, the weather was fantastic. Would I do it again? Yes! Definitely. In fact we’re already planning the next one. Read on for more detail and pics: We intended to walk 12 miles, but Apple maps lied to me and it was 14 instead. I…

Sunset on the Sandias

Sunday night we drove up to the Sandia Crest (for those of you not from Albuquerque, that’s the top most point of the mountains on the east edge of town) to watch the sunset. There’s a great viewing area and tons of great trails. But on Sunday we were not there for hiking, just sunset watching.…

Aliens in Albuquerque

We were driving along, minding our own business, when we saw this truck. Wait, we thought, what on earth is sticking out of the bed of the truck? We got a little closer. Yup, yup, it is. As if you’d expect anything else in Albuquerque.