Old Fashioned Love

You may have noticed from my recent posts that I’ve been going through old pictures. Whilst virtually thumbing through a pile of pictures of my paternal grandparents, I came across this image of my Oma and Opa, as we called them:

Oma and Opa

I was struck by the look of love and laughter on their faces. See how he’s looking at her? His gaze speaks volumes really. Or maybe Opa said something funny and Oma was laughing at the joke.

I was just a kid when Oma died, so I don’t really remember much about their marriage except that they were exceptional people and they laid a really solid foundation of unconditional love for our family. I’m sad that I don’t remember them like being cute like that, but I’m glad someone caught this moment for me to savor today.

Here’s another good one. I think they were on vacation in Germany, maybe Oma said something funny this time and Opa is laughing at her joke.

Oma and Opa

This next one is my favorite though. See how she is gazing at him? How cute is that?


While I was writing up this post I couldn’t get this song by Three Dog Night out of my head. Random. 🙂

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