Alma and the Typewriter: Musings on My Great-Grandmother

My great-grandmother, Alma, was something amazing. At least that’s what I hear, she died when I was super little. I recently found the picture shown below in my Dad’s pile of old photographs. How cute is she, right?

Alma was my namesake, and while this doesn’t necessarily mean we have anything in common, I can’t help but notice a few things we have in common based on this picture:

  • She slouched at her keyboard
  • She had a messy desk
  • She wore coke-bottle-bottom-glasses
  • She was adorable and had an impeccable sense of style

I like to think of her slouching over her large print typewriter typing letters to the family from her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana (at the time of this photograph). She couldn’t see so well, as shown by the coke-bottle-bottom-glasses, the magnifying glass by her right hand, and the seemingly larger glasses next to the pencil.


One reply to “Alma and the Typewriter: Musings on My Great-Grandmother

  1. She wore a tiny pink and white suit with white boxhat w forehead mininetting and cute as a button like the energizer bunny. The other g’mas and aunts were much more staid. See her cuteness in your Dad’s wedding picture section.

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