A Journey

One of their many goofy moments

I got an email in my inbox weeks ago to remind me to register our kids as homeschoolers again this year. Every year I put it off. You’d think I was waffling. But I’m not. I never have. Except for those times I threaten the kids to send them to “real” school (but that’s another blog post, my fellow homechoolers understand the quotes there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

In NM, the state requires us to declare our intent, or register, to homeschool every year. I remember when I started, I typed one name onto the form, then it became two, then three. Last night, when I finally got around to completing that task, for the first time, I typed in four names. My eyes are teary as I write that. Perhaps I am feeling nostalgic, but I had to have a moment to let it soak in before I could type that fourth name into the online form. I have four children in school? What happened to my babies? And how did I get on this homeschooling train in the first place? I never even thought I would have kids much less homeschool them and here I am, crunchy homeschooling mama of 4 still homeschooling after 13 years. Well technically 9ish years, since I didn’t start the moment my oldest was born.

Still going after all these years. That is the most common question people ask me, “Are you still going to homeschool when . . .”

Well, gosh, I don’t know, are you still going to send your kid to school when . . . Of course! This is what we do. This is our life. We educate our children. We live with our children. We do this thing called homeschooling. We watch them grow, learn, and interact with the world. I’m selfish, I guess. I want those moments.

Do we love homeschooling? Somedays yes, somedays no. Some days they blow my husband and me away with their insight, their passion for life, and their desire to soak it all in. Other days we wonder what we are doing and whether they would be better off in an institution where someone else decides what they should know. Obviously, the balance weighs heavier on the former, since they are still learning at home. But what strikes me is that if they had not been at home all these years I would not have witnessed the looks on their faces and heard the pride in their voices when they read the words on the page for the first time, work out the super hard math problem, or build the coolest Lego creation ever.

Best of all, you know those stories teachers tell about the funny things kids say? I get to hear those. I get to be their teacher and their mom and at the risk of sounding clichรฉ, it is an amazing honor and privilege. What a journey.

2 replies to “A Journey

  1. Thanks for encouraging me on my journey too ๐Ÿ™‚ I still remember when you didn’t send Jack to preschool and I had never heard of homeschooling and thought that it was weird. Little did I know what God had in store for me!

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