365 Movies: I should have started a movie blog

Over the past year, give or take, my husband and I have watched a movie almost every night. After we get the kids in bed, we settle in for a movie. Sometimes it’s a long movie and we’ll watch it over two nights. Every so often we take a break for things like Christmas and Thanksgiving 😉

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a long time (365 movies long) because for this day and age we’re really playing this old school. We don’t have a big fancy tv, we don’t have Netflix, we don’t even rent movies from the movie store (do people even do that anymore?).

How It All Started

A scene from The Little Shop of Horrors.
Who knew Jack was in Little Shop of Horrors?

It all started with Jack Nicholson. My husband got it in his head he wanted to watch every Jack Nicholson movie he could get his hands on, so he searched the library system and rented a bunch of Jack. Every night, another Jack. After we exhausted the supply of Jack Nicholson movies we moved on to other old actors that Al likes: Jimmy Stewart, Paul Newman, John Wayne, and more.

Here is our setup:

  • a clunky old tube TV sans working remote so we actually have to get up and change the volume manually.
  • a DVD/VCR combo perched precariously on top of the TV
  • free DVD/VCR rentals from the public library

Some stats:

Oldest Movie: Riders of Destiny, starring John Wayne, 1933

Most movies watched by which actor: Jimmy Stewart

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